French Dinner For 2 by Sylvia Summer

French – Fast – Fabulous Dinner For 2 in 20 minutes

Private Dinners For 2


BOOK ME :    +1 563 562 2491

Romantic French Dinner For 2 in Miami Beach, Fl – USA

Chef Sylvia Summer

I offer a prix-fixe menu for couples’ special events and occasions, or just for a romantic evening in the comfort of your own home.

I will go to your place and cook in your kitchen, using fresh organic ingredients purchased locally 8 hours earlier at the most.

I prepare dishes to be eaten right away, so everything tastes juicer and better. It is not frozen up in advance. Just served fresh off the oven into your dinnerware.

Indeed, there is no grilling or deep-frying involved, as I use the papillote cooking technique – limiting cookery noise and strong smells in your home. I work discreetly, and my organization’ skills help maintaining your kitchen clean all the way.

Your menu is free of preservatives, chemicals and food coloring. And I do not use peanut, wine or liquor, vinegar, chili/peppers, and no high-fructose corn syrup or any other corn derivatives.

Consequently, there is no extensive pre-interview and questionnaires with a visit to your place. However, at the time of booking, I require an email letting me know of any health concerns, allergy, and ingredients dislikes.

I have worked as a private chef for several years. I have an extensive knowledge of wines and Champagnes and will provide advise on wine’s choice prior to your dinner, along with serving as your private sommelier at the table.


Cost: $ 300 all inc. / 2 pers.



Parisian Duo: Salmon and Mango Tartare & Red Tuna Sashimi and Wasabi Whipped Cream, topped with American Caviar

Intensity: Prune and Apricot Lamb Tajine – Orange, Mint and Cinnamon Shot

Nirvana: XXL Champagne and Strawberry Creamy Tiramisu, Crystalized Rose Petals

FALL 2017

Aumoniere: Parma Cured Ham, Young Goat Cheese, Fresh Fig, Fuji Apple and Honey in Fillo Packets

Surf And Duck: Duck Magret with Lobster Thermidor, Chorizo Sauce

XXL 3-Layer Chocolate Mousse – Strawberry Coulis

WINTER  2017

Oyster Duo: Rockefeller Style with Caviar & Raw Tartare with Ginger and Ponzu

Vol-aux-vents: Sashimi Salmon in Atlantic Smoked Salmon Coat, Chive Boursin Cream and Kiwi-Lime Shots

Sweet Foie Gras on Toasted Fuji Apple Slice, Fig Puree

6 comments on “Private Dinners For 2

  1. vanessaroyy
    December 12, 2012

    sounds so niice

  2. alexmikey89
    December 12, 2012

    must be delicious

    • silviannaa
      July 12, 2013


      • French Dinner For 2 by Summer Sif
        October 17, 2013

        Thank you

  3. carowellss
    August 15, 2014

    I feel hungry :-))))))

  4. French Dinner For 2 by Sylvia Summer
    April 29, 2016


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