French Dinner For 2 by Sylvia Summer

French – Fast – Fabulous Dinner For 2 in 20 minutes

Weight Loss Coaching

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching + 1 563 562 2491

Based in Miami Beach, Fl, USA – Available Worldwide – In the UK until Sept. 27/2017

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Achieve fast lasting weight loss without restricting yourself…the French way!

Learn how to eat right, enjoy tasty food in proper portion and stop counting calories.

Learn what foods to avoid and what foods to eat (plenty!)

I will work with you as your cheerleader and teammate and help you achieve your personal weight loss goals FAST while eating delicious French, contemporary American, Mexican, and Moroccan dishes.

Contact:  +1 563 562 2491


I do not use the term ‘diet’, but ‘eating lifestyle’. It is my personal goal to help you create the eating lifestyle that works for you and your personal needs and that encourages healthy lasting changes….fast!




1-  Quick Start & Food Journal Assessment

Email me your specific concerns, needs and health goals and keep a record of everything you eat and drink for 3 days and send it over for a quick review that can help jump-start your health. You will get it back with suggestions and recommendations.

2- Healthy Grocery Shopping

Learn how to shop for organic, affordable, healthy and useful ingredients to help you create nutritious meals at home.

I will provide you with a detailed shopping list that will include healthy food + foods to avoid.

I will also provide you with healthful, delicious and simple recipes you can make in a pinch.

3- Systemizing your kitchen

Organization is key: learn the essentials kitchen tools that will save you tons of time and energy, and learn how to use them to create nourishing meals.

4- Self-discipline…

When and where to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are crucial as well as ‘when to sleep’. This means some lifestyle organization will be involved. Often, clients find this to be the main difficulty – not the customary fear of going hungry! I will work with you on your work schedule and anticipate your needs.


Choose either 1, 2, or 3 weeks of coaching. After your 3-day food intake journal is received, I can create your Personalized Nutrition Plan, including suggestions, recommendations and tips. We will speak weekly for the duration you choose to check in and to keep you accountable and on track. Our first session / week 1 includes modifications to your nutrition plan. Second session (on day 2) consists of personal cooking and nutrition information and lasts 3 hours. Following daily sessions last 1 hour. Cost is $ 2,000 for initial week. Then $ 1,800.

* Option: I also offer 24/7 live-in private cooking and nutrition services to female and male clients with serious obesity and over-weight issues, or for those who wants to lose FAST; regulating their cravings and monitoring potential mood swings and cravings.



Personal Cooking Class

Learn how to prepare a healthy 3-course French dinner for 2 that you will be able to make on your own with confidence in no time. Serve it at dinner and impress your sweetheart with this authentic and delightful French meal.

Cost is $ 135 (One-to-one only)


Pantry Clean Out and Educational Shopping Trip 

The best way to avoid eating foods that will not serve you is to get them out of your house. Learn how to identify package labels and how to keep your pantry shelves clean.

We will then take an eye-opening trip to your local health food store and I will show you the ropes. We will meet at an agreed location for approximately 2 hours.

Cost is $ 195 (One-to-one only) * Travel fees may apply. Available worldwide.



* I exclusively address male & female clients with weight issues, and my services are not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease, illness, or medical condition.

However, you will notice a rapid increase in energy and a boosted metabolism, that is: decrease of fatigue, digestive problems, allergy and asthma problems, skin problems, breakdown of other body systems, and menopause symptoms. Eyesight, libido and fertility may also significantly increase.

I am committed to maintaining my clients’ privacy. Personal details such as name and company name, contact information (including email address), demographic information (such as post code and address) and medical & health related information will not be passed on to third parties.

Contact info:


+1 563 562 2491

** CONTACT # IN THE UK until Sept. 27/2017:    +44 7594 579388  **


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